Interdistrict and Intradistrict Transfer Requests

Interdistrict Transfer Requests

California Education Code provides options under which a student may attend school in a district other than the district where he/she resides. If you live outside the boundaries of the Los Molinos Unified School District, you may apply to have your child or children attend our schools.
The process for applying for begins with requesting an “Interdistrict Transfer Permit” form from the school district where you reside.  Once you complete the form, you submit it to your district of residence for consideration. The process is generally quite easy and takes only a matter of days.  California Education Code requires that districts notify applicants of the decision within 30 days. 
All Interdistrict Transfer Requests will only be approved for students that have a history of good grades, attendance and behavior as determined by the school administration. The Interdistrict Transfer has to be requested every year within the annual application period, or the student will be dropped at the end of the current school year. School Administration may revoke the Approved Interdistrict Request if a student does not maintain good grades, attendance, and behavior. If you have questions or need assistance, please feel free to give us a call at (530) 384-7826.

Forms can be faxed to (530) 384-7832 or emailed to Rachel Ochs at 
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Intradistrict Transfer Requests 
(For current families within LMUSD District) 
Once you have an Intradistrict transfer agreement already in place, the transfer remains in effect for the duration of the grade range at that school. Unless other arrangements have been made by school administration. If a school has more applications than space available, student Intradistrict Transfer Requests will be approved by a random, unbiased selection process until the school is at capacity.
*These forms are only for transfers between Los Molinos Elementary and Vina Elementary