LMUSD Board Procedures

Board Meetings
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Los Molinos Unified School District Board of Trustees Regular Board meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in the Los Molinos High School Cafeteria.

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Every meeting agenda provides for the public to address the board on items of public interest within the board’s jurisdiction prior to or during board consideration for the item. However, no action may be taken on the item raised by the public comment unless the item is on the agenda or special authorization exists
Requesting that Items Be Placed on the Agenda
Any member of the public may request that a matter within the jurisdiction of the Board be placed on the agenda of a regular meeting subject to the following conditions:
  1. The request must be in writing and be submitted to the Board secretary with supporting documents and information, if any, at least eight school days prior to the scheduled meeting date.
  2. The Board secretary shall be the sole judge of whether the request is or is not within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board.
  3. The Board secretary will determine whether the agenda item is appropriate for discussion in open session or closed session of the Board.
Addressing the Board on Items Not on the Agenda
The board shall also provide members of the public with the opportunity to testify at regular meetings on matters, which are not on the agenda. An agenda item for public input shall be included on Board agendas. The board shall not take action on such matters at that meeting.